We develop innovative technology for IT security, remote live broadcasting and special unique embedded solutions.

As a leading Japanese technology company serving countless industries across the globe, Soliton has pioneered IT security solutions for protecting company resources and data from external IT security threats, and recently delivered on the first mobile H265 HEVC solution for the Live Broadcasting market. Soliton continues to innovate in many markets, and our products continue to grow and change with a strong emphasis on research & development to serve an ever-changing world.

Fast Facts

Founded in 1979

Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1st Section

750+ Employees

Our Mission

  • The name 'Soliton derives from Uniqueness and Diversity, which we incorporate into our corporate philosophy, products, and solutions
  • Originality and Inspiration are the foundation of our products and solutions
  • Our mission is to develop products and solutions that create value to society
  • Our mission is to help advance the human intelligence, while contributing to the happiness of the people and the wellbeing of society
  • Our core philosophy is to conduct business fairly and remain in complete compliance
  • The Soliton team takes pride in upholding these values

Our History

In 1979, the CEO, Nobuo Kamata*, PhD., founded the basis of Soliton Systems as his ambition was to reduce complexity in innovative technologies. Soliton Systems entered the network security market in 1995 and developed its first LAN encrypted products. Through strong investment in innovation, we continue to set new standards in performance, quality and reliability for our customers.

40 years of experience in IT Security and counting

  • 2017
    Listed at the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    Introduction of the ultra-compact Smart-telecaster ZAO-S
  • 2016
    Listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange second section.
    Opens office in Singapore, South East Asia.
  • 2015
    Introduction of Smart-telecaster ZAO compact with H.256 compatibility.
    Established Soliton Systems Europe N.V. in the Netherlands.
  • 2014
    Opening of the Development Center in Yamagata, Japan.
    Excitor Inc. acquired by Soliton Systems.
  • 2013
    Introduction of Soliton SecureBrowser (SSB) and NetAttest BigData.
  • 2012
    Soliton becomes reseller of Excitor's DME mobile security solution.
  • 2010
    Introduction of file transfer appliances HiQZen and FileZen.
  • 2007
    Listed at the JASDAQ Stock Exchange.
  • 2004
    Introduction of the first edition of InfoTrace log collecting and tracking system.
  • 2002
    Introduction of NetAttest wireless LAN authentication server.
  • 1998
    Opens office in Shanghai, China.
  • 1986
    Business tie-up with Silicon Compiler Systems, Inc. in the United States, introduction of Semiconductor CAD design.
  • 1984
    Started cooperation with Bridge Communications Corporation in the United States (later 3Com). It is also the year of introducing our first LAN solutions.
  • 1982
    Intel requests Soliton to develop middleware between PC OS and the Intel App.
  • 1979

    *Nobuo Kamata received his PhD in Physics from Tokyo Institute of Tech. In August, 1973, he joined Intel Corp (Japan Operation) as a Researcher and went on to manage product training and corporate marketing for 6 years.

    In 1979, he started Soliton Systems and provided consulting services for AMD (one year, related to Z8000 processor applications) and spent another two years for Intel (provided training courses on operation and development).