7 Tips on Point to Point Live Broadcasting

06.29.2020 | Soliton Blog

woman in purple coat doing live mobile broadcast

It is time content creators! To start considering live mobile broadcasting a serious business and this is the best time for newbies to pursue a streaming profession. The market is dictating the demand, as leading streaming platforms like Twitch and Wowza are gaining momentum with new audiences. Mobile broadcasters are looking for clues to make their live broadcast more engaging and stable, to provide the best of the experiences to their audience. Besides the following tips, don’t miss our live Webinar on tips for “How to do Point-to-Point 4G/5G Live Video Transmission."

Basic Technical Tips

    1. Simple setup: Your audio and video equipment should be portable and quick to interface with each other so that you can go live from anywhere all the time. technical errors are a nightmare for live streamers and should be avoided at any cost.
    2. Choose software and streaming platform: Open broadcasting software (OBS studio) is the pioneer in modern streaming products and it is open-source and stable. It also comes with an improved version known as Streamable OBS which includes custom themes. Moreover, both versions are free to use, so if you are a beginner in live broadcasting world, look no further. The choice for the streaming platform depends on your target audience and type of content, however, there are Software such as Restream which allows you to stream live to 30+ platforms simultaneously. The Smart telecaster, Zao-S, which comes with a low latency algorithm, RASCOW. This is a proprietary algorithm developed by Soliton Systems.
    3. Testing: This is the most significant technical step to fulfill before running live, set your stream to private, and examine it from an audience perspective. This will avoid a bad first impression your audience may get if something goes haywire.
    4. Production & Creative Tips

    5. Preroll and mid-roll: Create a solid pre-roll and midroll, Preroll help you set up the mood of the audience and midrolls act as a filler if it's required to pause the live stream for any purpose.
    6. Monitor your stream: An external display feedback of your own live feed goes a long way strengthening your confidence and improving your body gestures, Webcaster X2, and Restream Monitor are the tools you require to monitor data on your streams in real-time. Try to look at the camera while streaming or align the camera and monitor in such a way that it does not look awkward when you are staring at the monitor.
    7. Communicate: a live audience is great to interact with…. but all of them simultaneously? Prioritize  live communication to your advantage, respond to comments, if possible. Ask them to like share and subscribe, be creative, and plan for spontaneous moments, this will enhance the audience's experience through proactive engagement.
    8. Punctuality and consistency: Finally, you need to be punctual and consistent with your live    broadcasts. Be on the watch for other broadcasters, engage with them too, this can help grow your channel.


    For a detailed session on the live video transmission and to address the  challenges  of unreliable network condition, here is a link to the webinar invite for  Tuesday, June 30, 2020, @ 10 A.M. PDT to learn the essential tips for how to do Point-to-Point 4G/5G live video transmission 

    Wishing you all a happy broadcast!