Beyond Visual Line of Sight: Drone Live Video Challenges SOLVED!

02.16.2021 | Soliton Blog

Last month, the FAA approved BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) Regulations for Drone usage, and it has since become one of the greatest opportunities for the Drone Industry.

For many years, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have been the tool of choice for endless applications, but they have always been limited by two things:

  • VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) Aviation Regulations
  • Technology that meets the Rigorous Safety Standards and Technological Demands.

It is not enough to simply have advanced flying skill, extensive planning, and environmental awareness to fly a drone BVLOS.

BVLOS Safety Considerations Include:

  • Safe Operation of the Drone System 
  • Ultra Low Latency, Reliable Video Streaming
  • Real-Time Data Transmission 
  • Network Connectivity Issues
  • Encrypted Security 

Soliton's H.265 HEVC Video Transmission Encoder has been optimized for Drone Systems to transmit H.265 Encrypted Live Video with low latency and multi-cellular bonding technology.

Send a Return Data Feed from the receiving end directly to the encoder. With Serial Support, you can also remotely control a Drone Gimbal or PTZ cameras.

Additionally, in challenging environments, you can bond multiple Cellular Data Networks or LAN connections together to deliver smooth and reliable video.

Communication is the most important asset for a reliable BVLOS drone application.
With Zao-SH, take your Drone Operations to New Heights!

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