Don’t Let Data Breaches Ruin Your Company

01.20.2021 | Soliton Blog

Data Breaches happen more often than you think.

Each year, thousands of data breaches are reported, exposing sensitive data such as usernames and account passwords to cybercriminals. In addition to loss of reputation and disruption of business activities, data breaches cost companies millions of dollars in damages.

Our analysis revealed that almost 99% of domains have had at least one breached account. It was for these reasons, we developed Cyber Space Analytics solutions to support our customers, starting with our Free Domain Data Leakage Report to learn the number of leaked accounts.

Additionally, our Soliton Cyberspace Analytics (CSA) service allows you to:

  • Learn where email accounts, passwords, or credentials have been exposed.
  • Understand which accounts that have been breached.
  • Identify potential security risks.

Secure your domain and future-proof your success. Get your free domain data leakage report today to assess your data leakage vulnerabilities:

Soliton Systems CSA: Free Account Leakage Number Report