How Healthy is Your Corporate Domain?

03.16.2021 | Soliton Blog

Industries around the world have been negatively affected by the pandemic, with data breaches becoming increasingly common, and cyberattacks increasing by as much as 80%. Despite this, businesses must continue to expand online.

IBM recently reported that the global average cost of a Data Breach was 3.86 Million in 2020, and it has now become essential to maintain the security of your domain, but how can you monitor threats and vulnerabilities before they become a problem?

It's time for a Domain Health Check.

Soliton Systems’ Cyber Space Analytics (CSA) uses open-source intelligence to identify, analyze, and organize cyberspace data from publicly available information. We have identified over 20 billion leaked records from over 400 leaks worldwide since 2019.

Checking each user account for potential data leakage is time consuming. CSA can quickly identify leaked accounts within a domain, and organize the information into an in-depth report.

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