Is VPN really safe?

08.25.2020 | Soliton Blog

For corporations, intellectual property is something that must be protected at all costs.  Unfortunately, data theft is rampant where intruders are stealing intellectual property information by any means possible.  

A majority of the workforce has gone remote, and with remote work here to stay for a very long time, it is time to reassess your data security strategy. 

IT Management is moving away from VPN, where constant disconnections are frustrating and losing valuable work efficiency.  

VDI is too costly to deploy.  

All the remote access software is a great solution, but file transfer is a data leakage threat.  

IT Managers and CIOs are switching to Soliton SecureDesktop, a screen streaming solution where no data is transferred to the remote access device. 

No files are transferred, and this means that IT Management can be assured that their intellectual property is safe and sound.  

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