Need a static IP for receiving transmission quickly?

09.03.2020 | Soliton Blog

Yes, we have learned all the mobile video transmissions can send from anywhere, but now you might think "Where I can receive it?"

Whether it is because under pandemic situation you can not be your studio or office, or you just visited one of your remote facilities where doesn't provide a static IP... you do need a way to receive the video transmission right now.

No, problem! We do have a solution for you! You can subscribe a static VPN service from commercial providers. Let's introduce this provider now, but you can also easily get a similar service from public by just typing "static IP VPN" keywords on your favorite search engines.

OK, take a look at the above diagram which is how we configured for the video transmission. To subscribe a static VPN service, it is very simple by just purchasing the starter monthly plan to get started.

3 steps to get ready to receive.

Step 1 Visit provider's site and subscribe a VPN STATIC IP service, then on the receiver computer use provided access application to connect the service.Once connected successfully note the Static IP.
Step 2 Open Zao-S's "Address Book" settings, input noted Static IP.
Step 3 Open Smart-telecaster HD Single on receiver computer and it is ready to receive transmission.

Who will benefit from it? Freelance Digital Camera Professions, Reporters, Producers City Communication Organization First Responders and Local government Professionals Field Professionals to Advisors for Maintenance or Inspection Operations Drone Professionals Doctor to Doctor Communication Organizations Security Company Mobile Patrolling Churches Wedding Business Academic Graduation Ceremonies Family events TV or Film Crews - Site inspection Business Training Professionals