Proposal for News/YouTube Reporters Subscription Model

11.02.2020 | Soliton Blog

Current Challenge

  • With remote work news reporters are streaming live from their homes or studios
  • Using their phones to stream using Smartphone Apps

The challenge:

  • Choppy images (not the best quality)
  • Network dependent (if bad/no reception, then no streaming)
  • Not secure (no encryption)

Our Recommendation 

  • H.265 Quality Video App for iOS and Android
  • Intelligent encoding for better video streaming in low bandwidth environments
  • HD quality receiver software
  • Ability to record and archive
  • OBS Studio:  Links to recording and live streaming
  • Live stream to Facebook, YouTube

Live Video Use Cases

  • News reporting in the field
  • News reporting from home office
  • Live event streaming

Packaged Price: $$ Per Month (H.265 Zao App (iOS or Android) + HD Viewer (1ch) )

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