PTZ Remote Camera Video Solutions

01.15.2021 | Soliton Blog

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While there are many video technology companies today, few offer stable and reliable solutions.

We have become a market leader in delivering Low Latency, Live Streamed Audio and Video.

Our solutions provide stable, clear, and quality video streaming in low bandwidth and challenging network environments.

In combination with our H.265 Zao-S Encoder and Multi-Network Bonding Technology,

PTZ cameras can:

  • Be Remotely Controlled
  • Transmit Live Audio / Video
  • Use Surrounding 4G and 5G Networks
  • Deliver Low Latency Video

Soliton Systems is a leader in IT Security, and is one of major security vendors in Japan.

Through our expertise and spirit of innovation, we have developed high quality, stable solutions that you and your organization can depend on.

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