How Can You Scale Up Remote Access without Sacrificing Security?

05.05.2021 | Soliton Blog

Transform Your Remote Access with G/On, an Integrated, Secure Remote Access Solution.
With Strong, Two-Factor Authentication, User & Device Authentication, Data Encryption, Network Protection & Secure Application Access, G/On is a Robust, Secure, and Scalable Remote Access Solution unlike any other.
Scale up in minutes, not days (or weeks). Choose an integrated platform that gives you the control to manage access, without interfering with employee privacy.
Additionally, G/On can be used on managed or unmanaged devices. G/On's Zero Trust Data Access keeps your organization safe, by authenticating a user's identity and authorization level, rather than just the device.
For Fast, Secure, and Scalable Remote Access, Choose G/On.
To Learn More, watch our G/On Video:
YouTube video