Secure Your Remote Access with Software-Defined Perimeters

04.21.2021 | Soliton Blog


In the past year, as more employees have started to work away from the office, a renewed focus has been placed on secure remote access to company networks.

Many businesses still rely on VPN connections or existing remote desktop solutions, but they can be costly, difficult to manage, and leave company networks vulnerable from unsecured locations.

Rather than using a complementary solution to VPN connections, the solution is to insist on a zero-trust architecture with additional benefits that include BYOD, fast installation, scalability, and a reliable connection without bandwidth issues.

Why a Zero-Trust Strategy?

With a zero trust strategy, you can establish an effective remote access environment, and minimize any of the additional risks associated with the use of a VPN.

Software-defined perimeters authenticate a user's identity and authorization level rather than relying on the device to authenticate access. Additionally, a software-defined perimeter isolates the company services from the internet, and stops almost all forms of network attacks.

Solve Your Remote Access Challenges

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