Soliton SecureDesktop Helps Secure Remote Access for Remote Workforce

05.13.2020 | Soliton Blog

soliton secure desktop - remote desktop action illustrated as a tablet accesses a computer at an office

In a matter of weeks the American workforce has been transformed into relying on remote working, to protect against the Coronavirus pandemic. Verizon, recently reported that COVID-19 related internet usage data has:

  • 34% increase for VPN,
  • 20% increase in web traffic and;
  • 12% increase in video streaming.

Before the universal necessity for everyone to work from home, most workers treated VPNs as a dependable, yet occasional solution for remote access. Now traditional legacy VPNs are struggling with scalability which cause lagging load times and security issues. Remote access tools, like virtual meetings, are experiencing unprecedented security issues that are drawing lawsuits.

Soliton SecureDesktop with the features above is highly praised by corporate IT managers, as a secure remote desktop solution.

The main difference between remote desktop and screen sharing software is that screen sharing allows users to literally share their screens for the purpose of presentations or web conferencing. Remote desktop, on the other hand, offers a full set of features for actual remote use.

Soliton SecureDesktop distinguishes itself from other remote desktop solutions by providing additional layers of security with features to prevent unauthorized access and information leakage.

Our Key Security Features:

(1) Electronic certificate authentication for both the office PC and home PC to prevent unauthorized access.

(2) Prohibits users from downloading data from office PC to home PC.

(3) Prohibits users from copying/pasting data from Office PC to the home PC (restricts the clipboard).

Although some users may not appreciate the restrictions in SecureDesktop that are necessary for security, other popular remote desktop solutions such as a VPN and Splashtop have a risk of data leakage and unauthorized access.

Our Usability Features Include:

-       Display the remote computer screen on your own screen in real-time

-       Use own keyboard and mouse to control the remote screen

-       Allow user complete access to and control over the remote desktop

-       Allow connection either via an internal network or IP address

-       Support differing operating systems

Soliton's SecureDesktop offers the best combination of security and performance for remote desktop applications