Soliton’s Secure Remote Desktop Solution Coming Soon!

04.14.2020 | Soliton Blog

With the coronavirus pandemic causing remote work to increase, many businesses are now utilizing solutions such as remote desktop and video conferencing to accommodate working from home. As many businesses have found, however, several of these newly implemented solutions for remote work, including popular virtual meeting solutions, have security issues. A wide range of choices are available when it comes to remote desktop solutions, but if security is a concern, Soliton is the way to go. With over 40 years of success in the IT security market, Soliton’s remote desktop solution, Soliton SecureDesktop, ensures the highest security and will soon be available to the US market.

Soliton SecureDesktop Features:

  • Additional layer of security (reliable security)
  • Utilizes digital certificate authentication
  • Prohibits download/upload of any data between client and remote PC including copy/paste functions (prevents data loss and breaches)
  • High speed is built into the application
  • Cost effective
  • Easy Installation/Operation

At Soliton, we highly value our community and we are currently working on a program to better serve the community during this difficult time.

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