Soliton’s Ultra Low Latency HEVC H.265 encoder transmitter delivers stable video in low bandwidth environments 

08.25.2021 | Soliton Blog

This video was taken at last week’s AUSVI XPONENTIAL show where we demonstrated a real time remote control, and here are the speeds and feeds: 

Demo 1 

  • Latency:  34ms glass-to-glass
  • Framerate:  59 fps 
  • Bitrate:  14.9 Mbps 

Demo 2 

  • Latency: 35ms glass-to-glass latency 
  • Framerate: 60 fps 
  • Bitrate:  0.153 Mbps

Please pay close attention to the latency and bitrate.  We are delivering extremely low latency at extremely low bitrates, which means our video communication IP (based on HEVC H.265 codec) can deliver stable and reliable video in network challenging areas.  

In addition, our codec enables not only video and 2 way audio, but control (through LAN/Serial tunneling) and this opens up tremendous opportunities and possibilities such as 

  • Remote studio (control IP cameras on set from your home studio) 
  • Remote control (Drones, UAV, robotics, heavy equipment)

We are looking forward to our conversations and collaboration on your upcoming programs where near zero latency is a critical requirement.