The Benefits of Cellular Network Bonding for Live Video Streams

04.03.2020 | Soliton Blog

laptop and one person explaining cellular bonding to another person

Streaming has become one of the most influential technologies in the world, giving almost anyone the ability to share and broadcast from anywhere on the globe with a touch of a button. While casual streaming has been great, the importance of secure and professional broadcasts remains. To get the best connection, you need cellular network bonding.

What is cellular network bonding? How does it help important streaming out in the field? Let's dive in.

What Is Cellular Network Bonding?

The basics of cellular network bonding work by crafting several connections to work together as one wide network. The multiple connections each transmit a portion of the data and the technology on either end organizes and structures the data. This means that you can transmit a lot more data without overburdening any single connection.

Cellular network bonding can come in the form of a single, small piece of hardware. This connection port lets you hook up your streaming devices to transmit right to your servers.

The Powerful Benefits of a Cellular Network Bond

Both the basic structure of cellular network bonds and the hardware that makes them possible give a lot of powerful benefits when you know how to use them. Here is only the beginning of what this technology can do.

  1. Portability

The hardware for cellular network bonding is often a small connector device. Since a lot of the power comes from a digital organization, the physical device doesn't have to be large.

This means with a recording device, some connecting cables, and your network bonding device, you can (Read this article from Harvard) set up almost anywhere!

  1. Redundancy

The basic digital structure of cellular network bonding uses multiple connections. When they are all working together, they provide a boost in speed and transmission size. It also means that if one goes out, the transmission doesn't fall apart.

This removes that awkward emergency of needing to repair a connection on the fly. Now you won't have to lose the connection!

  1. Reducing Cost

Physical network connections and large setups can cost a fortune, even more so when rented. Adding extra costs of engineers to operate the setup can make the old style of streaming a huge drain on finances.

Cellular network bonding can provide the same or even better quality streaming than the older setups. Its simplicity can remove the need for multiple crew members.

  1. Efficiency Without Lost Quality

H.265 video is qualitative standard in today's media. It combines well with cellular network bonds and alongside it, H.265 video can improve data consumption by up to 50%. This tag-team powerhouse pushing streaming to a potent efficiency while it provides actual improvement to quality. We here at Soliton are pioneers of the structure, pushing the hardware to new heights.

The Tech to Make it Work

All of these benefits to cellular network bonding need the right hardware to come to life. At Soliton systems, we have that in spades, starting with the Zao-S telecaster, and our proprietary algorithm RASCOW. The Zao-S is a great Smart-telecaster and utilized in the world, proving its ease of use and powerful broadcasting capabilities. It provides the high-quality H.265 video you need and can broadcast live from anywhere. RASCOW™, the communication management system in Smart-telecaster®, overcomes the theoretical challenges faced by wireless networks.

The benefits of using RASCOW™ include:

  • Video transmission over IP (Internet Protocol) communication.
  • No accumulated delay caused by fluctuations in network speeds.
  • Minimized frame-rate turbulence based on real-time adjustments of video to network speed compression ratios.
  • Bi-directional voice transmission providing seamless audio communications.
  • Support of ARQ and packet sorting for error correction.
  • Network bonding for improved internet speeds and reliability.

Better Service Through Stronger Streaming

Harnessing the power that cellular network bonding can bring to you is a massive step forward in your broadcasts. When you need a strong power for streaming without the hefty cost, cellular network bonding is the tech for you!

We here at Soliton are eager to bring our expertise and experience to give you the quality equipment and service you need. There is still so much to learn about cellular network bonding. Contact us today with any questions.