The Best Products for Outdoor Mobile Broadcasting

06.24.2020 | Soliton Blog

live stream of a tv show. Hand holding a cell phone which is streaming the tv show that is in live production.

With the expansion of 5g and availability of cheap and high-quality cameras to the masses, outdoor mobile broadcasting is becoming popular by the day, and as per the demand of the consumers' companies are coming up with various solutions for outdoor mobile broadcasting.

The simplest of such a solution is a smartphone app providing professional quality live video streaming using a mobile phone or a tab. There are plenty of such apps available on stores and they come with standard features such as full HD mode, Two-way audio communication, AES encryption, and remote operations mode to name few.

For the Professional Broadcaster

 A more professional approach would include attaching a camera to a mobile hardware encoder supporting H.265 video format and facilitate full HD video broadcasting to anywhere from any remote location while on the move.

For the Creator / Social Influencer

 Soliton systems Smart-telecaster ZAO is a pioneer in such products that can easily handle live events of various social media influencers, news, and sports events, or simply gamers going live on multiple platforms at the same time.  it not only provides high-quality coverage of live events but is also very user-friendly, dependable with very low latency.

Technical Advantages of ZAO products

 The best part about the ZAO products is that it comes with an internal RASCOW algorithm which optimizes video stream to lowest possible latency based on both the 3G/4G availability. It can live stream in most challenging of 3G/ 4G LTE availability and can even perform at 480KB bps/sec.

 A more advanced version  Zao-S can integrate the bandwidth of up to 3 separate data streams(3G,4G,5G, wifi and/or satellite) via  3 external USB modems and form a single connection, Further to that RASCOW algorithm monitors various factors such as carriers being used, cell tower locations and varying bandwidth levels to optimize the video quality so that delivery is not compromised even when signal strengths become low or fluctuate rapidly.

Do You Need a Broadcast With Ultra Low Latency?

 Ultra low latency solutions are also available which would best suit news gathering, public safety, law enforcement, and military applications, The Zao-SH enables an encrypted live stream from a camera, drone, vehicle, body camera, etc. to be transmitted at the lowest latency possible, Along with live video encryption, the Zao-SH supports serial tunneling which allows a return data feed to be sent from the receiving end to the Zao-SH. This allows remote control of devices, such as a drone gimbal or PTZ camera.

Platforms and Cloud Based Solutions

 Not so surprisingly there are cloud-based solutions available as well, such solutions are capable of decoding, displaying, and storing live video transmissions from mobile transmitters, which includes the Zao, Zao-S, and Zao App for mobile devices. Such live streams can be easily viewed using a browser as a client via desktops, tablets, and smartphones. All streams are stored automatically, and users can view or download recorded streams. Cloud View also displays the GPS location of transmitters during live streams and stores this data along with the recorded streams.

 There is also demand for video receiver platforms that connect live video transmission products (Zao, Zao-S, Zao App) to third-party VMS (Video Management System) solutions providing mobility for video surveillance.

If that's still not enough here comes a solution Cloud Video Switcher having state of the art features, it provides world-class live streaming experience with audio mixing functionality, it also allows to uplink multiple video feeds from anywhere and switch/edit in real-time from the cloud. You can also stream your content to multiple platforms including YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Wowza.

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