Tips for Top Quality Mobile Streams

04.17.2020 | Soliton Blog

lady mobile live streaming with mobile phone and laptop

Live streaming needs very little introduction at this point since it's made such a large impact on the internet marketplace and marketing in general. With developments in mobile technology, smart devices now rival the capability of desktop options. They do this while not requiring separate microphones or webcams and having the benefit of flexibility being mobile.

This short guide will show you how to utilize mobile live streams to create the highest quality videos and engage your audience to best build your brand.

Proven Techniques for the Best Mobile Live Streams

There are details that need to be addressed before the best platform for your mobile live stream is selected. Making sure you run through this checklist will assure you the utmost quality in the production of your videos.

Upload Rate

First and foremost, your internet connection is going to have the largest impact. Even with the best piece of equipment, having a slow upload rate will guarantee both poor audio and video.

The rates vary depending on frame rate and quality. Many platforms also have slightly different rates that they recommend when utilizing their particular platform.

Stability and Lighting

You can train yourself to have a steady hand, but, at some point, it will get shaky and the camera will stutter. Investing in some form of a tripod, even a small desk type, is a wise choice. It's a small decision that will make a world of difference. Use an External Microphone or Lavalier Microphone for better audio quality.

Wherever the brightest source of light is coming from, it should be located behind the camera. So, if you're filming yourself, the light needs to be in front of you. If you're filming someone else, it needs to be behind you. This will provide the best lighting and keep any interference with the device's focus functionality from happening.

Items if Budget Allows

When budget allows, there is equipment to up the quality of your stream beyond simply choosing the right app and platform. For example, portable lights will consistently ensure perfect lighting no matter the location. Additionally, portable power units and attachable lenses for the phone are great options. The power unit will allow reliable power for add-ons like the lights and any other accessory. The lenses allow for a level of creative work not available with the stock build.

Deciding What Platform

A handful of factors go into the decision of what platform to look into when considering which live streaming app or service would make the most sense for your needs. Much of it comes down to pricing, monetization ability, social media integration, and analytics. It is important to determine your goals and find the closest match. This is an important step but arguably the last step in the process. Another high-quality platform that is being offered is the professional Zao App by Soliton. See how it can support your day to day operations, streaming with high-quality H.265 video. That’s the best!

With the techniques and technical know-how of all of the best mobile live streams, this guide has set you up with a quick go-to, allowing you to provide high-qualityvideo content to your intended audience. For more information on streaming and the impact of other similar technology make your way through more of the material we have curated and follow us on Facebook for updates and news.