VPN users are switching over to Soliton SecureDesktop as a more reliable remote access solution.

09.24.2020 | Soliton Blog

There are many remote access solutions available for businesses to choose from and each have their pros and cons. Many businesses have opted for a VPN, VDI, or remote desktop solutions. VPN solutions give a false sense of security, disconnection headaches, potential data leakage, and difficult to scale. There are also potential data leakages since all files are accessible and downloadable to the local device. A large number of simultaneous users can cause a bottleneck and slow down remote access for everyone. VDI solutions provide secure virtual desktop access for businesses. However, VDI deployments are costly and time consuming to plan and implement. Remote desktop solutions are also widely implemented due to the low cost and ease of implementation. However, data leakage is a concern since all files are accessible and downloadable from the client device. Additionally, if the username/password for accessing is leaked, the office device becomes a security breach risk. Introducing Soliton SecureDesktop, remote desktop access at a low cost without compromising security.

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