Zero Trust: The Future of IT Security

04.23.2021 | Soliton Blog


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies struggled to transition and scale their remote access solutions. As thousands of workers joined remote access platforms, IT departments across the globe scrambled to scale up their remote solutions. In many cases, many organizations weren't prepared, or were only using VPN connections. Attempting to scale posed significant challenges, and took days or even weeks to set up.

Now, organizations are beginning to strategize, companies are beginning to understand that as some employees are willing to come back to the office, others may still remain in a remote setting. As they cope with the reality of adjusting to a hybrid model, zero trust is the only way forward. In a recent report by PWC, the paradigm shift toward Zero Trust architecture is described. As companies adjust to the new work environment, they will need to also rethink their existing solutions.

By choosing a remote solution like G/On, which was designed around authenticating a user's identity and authorization level, rather than just on device authentication, zero trust strategies are implemented. Integration of a software-defined perimeter further enhances security, by making network resources inaccessible by default. Only an authenticated user can access specific services within a network when explicitly authorized. This is in direct contrast to a VPN, which usually only allows for broad network access.

Additionally, G/On incorporates strong, token-based 2FA and security, along with AES 256 encryption to provide secure application access. No data is stored or cached on the client computer to prevent data leakage, and users can easily access company resources while G/On manages background security, simplifying the process for both users and IT administrators.

As employees continue to work remotely, companies must continue to adapt and augment their remote access solutions and strategies with powerful tools that can keep up with the speed of business. Soliton Systems has been an innovative leader in the IT Solutions industry for over 40 years, and through this unique experience, can take your remote access solution to the next level with G/On.

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