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MailZen is the perfect solution for mobile access to Office 365, and its non-intrusive approach to enterprise mobility synergizes well with BYOD/COPE policies while simplifying management.

Secure mobile access to Office 365

  • All in one app for secure mobile access
  • Data leakage prevention
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Full app control for management
  • Secure for personal use devices (BYOD/COPE)
  • Seamless connection to Office 365

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Secure mobile access with containerized app

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MailZen provides secure access and communication to business resources from iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. Employees can work remotely, access business data and connect to the corporate network through a secure connection.
MailZen incorporates the world’s most innovative advancements in mobile data security. By creating a secure container on mobile devices, all data stored within the container is encrypted. Encryption uses the user’s private key or a key generated within the app.

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MailZen Whitepaper

We want to show you how MailZen can solve the challenges and issues that your organization may encounter with enterprise mobility solutions today.

Topics covered in this whitepaper:

  • What is MailZen?
  • How to maintain control of company data
  • Benefits – for you and your users
  • What is the right solution?

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MailZen vs. MDM

The increasing number of cyber-attacks in recent years has paved the way for innovative solutions that provide secure mobile access to corporate resources. While stationary IT systems and laptops may often have strong security, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have struggled with security flaws, especially when they are personal, privately owned devices (BYOD – Bring your own device).

Mobile Work Approaches

The current solutions on the market can be classified into two categories:

Device-centric: Solutions that include Mobile Device Management (MDM), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) or Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Data-centric: Solutions that use container-based technology to isolate and protect company resources on an application or operating system

Device centric or Data centric - which solution works best?

Device centric solutions offer more functionality for managing a device, but in order to integrate a device centric system, significant configuration and setup tasks for an IT department are required. This comes at a significant cost.

Using a container will ensure that corporate data and business resources are safely separated from other data and applications on the mobile device. Other applications or users are unable to access information in the container, as data is encrypted both on the device and in transit. Container solutions are highly innovative and can be controlled through management software. Users are created and activated through the management portal, access rules can be defined, and the container can be remotely wiped in case the device is lost. This is also possible via installed MDM or EMM solutions in conjunction with the container.

Data centric approaches require that IT departments provide secure data access – a solution that is easier to manage. Users can use their mobile devices without limitation, while still maintaining security for company resources. Additionally, IT departments will manage only the content within the container rather than an entire device.

Secure Mobile Access to Office 365

Enhanced security features of MailZen:

  • All local data within the MailZen Container is encrypted with RSA up to 4096 bit and AES 256 bit
  • All transmitted information is encrypted to ensure sensitive data is protected
  • S/MIME Encryption from End-to-End
  • Authentication via certificates is possible with the MailZen Gateway
  • Management Portal for central configuration of security policies
  • Remote delete and wiping of data/app, rooting and jailbreak detection
Secure Remote Work From Anywhere

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