Soliton Systems Announces Participation in NRB 2020 Media Conference

02.06.2020 | News

Soliton will debut the Zao-SH at the conference in February

 San Jose, CA—January 14, 2020:  Soliton Systems USA announces they will be showcasing the Ultra Low Latency Mobile Transmitter - Zao-SH at the NRB Christian Media Conference in Nashville next month. The new and improved Zao-SH is a small, portable video H.265 encoder that compresses video in real-time and transmits full HD live video to anywhere from anywhere, with an extremely low glass-to-glass latency of 65ms over 4G and 35ms over LAN. The ultra-low latency live video transmission technology of the Zao-SH can be utilized in many industries, including broadcasting church services worldwide.

Zao-SH Specifications and Key Features include:

  • Optimized video quality adjusted for available bandwidth
  • RASCOW2 - New and improved uplink protocol based on RASCOW

Multilink and low latency

  • Fault tolerance mode - Bandwidth required, but ultra-low latency
  • Load balancing mode – Less bandwidth required, slightly higher latency
  • Ultra-low latency
  • As low as 35ms glass to glass latency
  • Encrypted live streaming over multiple bonded 4g SIM cards and /or LAN port
  • Serial control
  • Supports serial tunnelin

Potential for remote control use cases:

  • PTZ Camera
  • Drone Gimbal
  • Remote Driving (Actuator for connected car)

Soliton Systems develops innovative technology for IT security, remote live broadcasting and special unique embedded solutions. As one of leading Japanese technology companies serving countless industries, Soliton has pioneered IT security solutions for protecting company resources and data from external IT security threats, and recently delivered on the first mobile H265 HEVC solution for the live broadcasting market.

With over 750 employees world-wide and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the CEO and founder, Dr. Nobuo Kamata has been a technology-oriented leader. Soliton Systems is

listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

To contact Soliton Systems USA, please call (714) 243-6121or via email at