Soliton Systems to Showcase Products at NRB 2020 Media Conference

02.06.2020 | News

Soliton will feature the LAP One Cloud Manager at the conference in February

San Jose, CA, February 2020:  Soliton Systems USA announces they will be showcasing the LAP One Cloud Manager at the NRB Christian Media Conference in Nashville this month. Eliminate the risks of unauthorized access to your network with the LAP One. The compact appliance has everything needed to block unauthorized devices from connecting to the network and doesn't require an external authentication server.

The NetAttest LAP series is a network access control solution that protects the network from unauthorized access. The LAP device monitors ARP and DHCP requests from all devices connected to the network and blocks any unauthorized device not included on the whitelist of allowed devices. Notifications for unauthorized devices attempting to connect and requests to add new devices to the whitelist can be sent to an IT administrator.

For protection at multiple locations, the LAP Cloud Manager centralizes monitoring and management of multiple LAP sensors (one sensor per office) over the internet. No VPN is required and VLAN tagging is also supported.

Soliton Systems develops innovative technology for IT security, remote live broadcasting and special unique embedded solutions. As one of leading Japanese technology companies serving countless industries, Soliton has pioneered IT security solutions for protecting company resources and data from external IT security threats, and recently delivered on the first mobile H265 HEVC solution for the live broadcasting market.

With over 750 employees world-wide and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the CEO and founder, Dr. Nobuo Kamata has been a technology-oriented leader. Soliton Systems is

listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

To contact Soliton Systems USA, please call (714) 243-6121or via email at