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How Secure is Your Domain?

Get Soliton’s vulnerability assessment report to determine the source of any data leakages. Learn where your email accounts, passwords, and other credentials have been breached, do a deep dive into the accounts that have been breached, and identify potential future risks.

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Data Breaches are More Common Than You Think

Almost 99% of domains Soliton has analyzed had at least one breached account. There are thousands upon thousands of data breaches reported each year, and over 20 billion credentials, including account user names and passwords, have been compromised. Soliton's Domain Data Leakage Assessment Report can help you mitigate the risk of future data breaches.

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Information Leakage

Soliton's Domain Threat Analysis Report - Detailed, Organized, Comprehensive

The best way to prevent data breaches is to be proactive. Soliton, a trusted Japanese IT company for over 40 years, can provide in-depth reports on all leaked accounts within your domain. Unlike other services, our report is simple to view and fully comprehensive. Pinpointing all compromised credentials within a domain is made easy with Soliton's Assessment Report. Contact us today for more information on reducing your risk of data breaches!

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Data Leakage Facts


Data Breach Incidents

Adobe, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Dropbox

20 Billion+

Compromised Credentials

Email, Password, Phone, Address, User ID


Analyzed Domains in All Industries

Government, Automotive, BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing

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