Free Account Leakage Number Report

Free Domain Data Leakage Report

This free report shows the number of accounts within your company domain that have had its credentials (email address and password) leaked.

Number of leaks by domain

This is a free report using our Soliton Cyberspace Analytics (CSA) service. While CSA provides you with a detailed report on the accounts that have been compromised in data breaches (email addresses, passwords, IDs, credit card information, mailing addresses, IP addresses, etc.), this free report allows you to check the number of leaked accounts within your domain before you decide to obtain our full report.

This report is provided free of charge. You can only use this service for domains owned by your company/organization and not for any other domains such as your personal domains or domains owned by any third party. The domain of your email address in the order form must match the domain for the search.

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