NetAttest LAP One / Cloud

Prevent Unauthorized Access to the Network

The NetAttest LAP Managed by Cloud is a network access control solution that protects the network from unauthorized access. The LAP device monitors ARP and DHCP requests from all devices connected to the network and blocks any unauthorized device not included on the whitelist of allowed devices. Notifications for unauthorized devices attempting to connect and requests to add new devices to the whitelist can be sent to an IT administrator.

Quick and Simple Installation

The NetAttest LAP Managed by Cloud is easy to install and doesn't require any changes to your current network. A LAP device can be configured and installed in as little as 10 minutes - no IT experience necessary! Learning mode is perfect for first time installation since it automatically adds all detected devices on the network to the whitelist. The whitelist is easy to modify, and it can be uploaded or downloaded with support for third party applications.

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Quick and Simple Installatio

Scalable with Centralized Management

From a single office to many offices, the LAP Managed by Cloud is all you need for blocking unauthorized devices from connecting to the network without requiring an external authentication server.
LAP Managed by Cloud centralizes monitoring and management of multiple LAP sensors (one sensor per office) over the internet which makes it easy to scale for any size business. No VPN is required and VLAN tagging is also supported.

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Scalable for Any Use Case

NetAttest LAP Managed by Cloud Video

LAP Tutorial

Download the NetAttest LAP Managed by Cloud Brochure

Download LAP Managed by Cloud Brochure