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Secure & Easy Remote Desktop Access

Soliton SecureDesktop is a remote desktop solution that provides a secure and easy remote work environment to companies and organizations.
SecureDesktop creates a reliable and secure environment to remotely access an office PC easily from anywhere such as your home or outside the office with no VPN required. SecureDesktop features multilayer security, fast screen transfer, scalability, and data leakage prevention, because no data is left on the remote access device.

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Extensive, Multilayer Security for Data Protection and Access Control

Data Leakage Protection

SecureDesktop's security features ensure data is protected during a remote access session - on both the remote access device and office PC.

  • Only the office PC's screen is transferred to the remote access device in a session.
  • The transferred screen is compressed and encrypted with TLS (including TLS 1.2) and 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Since only the screen is transferred, there is no need to worry about data leakage.
  • Data download or upload between the remote access device and the office PC is prevented to stop any data leaks.
  • No data remains on the remote access device after disconnecting.
  • The office PC displays a black screen while being remotely accessed to prevent unauthorized people from viewing important company data.

Robust Security

In addition to username/password, SecureDesktop uses electronic certificates to authenticate users and devices at each end.

  • The electronic certificates serve as a two-factor authentication and eliminates unauthorized access to company PCs.
  • Employees can utilize their own device and administrators can easily manage which devices are authorized.
  • Even if you lose your device, the certificate can be removed from the lost device to stop further access to the office PC.
  • SecureDesktop gives administrators the tools to ensure the highest security for remote access.

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NetAttest D3 Key Features

Flexible and High Performance

SecureDesktop features multi-device/OS support and enables seamless connection even when a mobile device is used to access the office PC.

SecureDesktop's screen transfer achieves high performance by maximizing the office PC's graphics engine. Supporting 30 frames per second, SecureDesktop operates smoothly even on mobile lines and handles videos and other graphics intenstive applications with ease. Users will experience a reliable, smooth connection with improved HD quality and sound.

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High Speed and Flexible

Easy Operation and High Scalability

SecureDesktop is simple to set up requiring only a few steps each for installation and login.

SecureDesktop enables employees, freelancers, and other users to remotely access their office PC with ease. Just an internet connection is required to experience Soliton's solution to secure and easy remote access.
SecureDesktop is also simple to deploy for IT administrators and only requires about an hour to complete installation. No changes are necessary to the current IT infrastructure and no VPN or RDP needs to be installed.
The high scalability of SecureDesktop allows organization from small businesses to large enterprises to begin taking advantage of Soliton's remote access solution immediately. The number of user licenses is easy to increase with almost no wait time or restrictions on how many users can be added at one time.

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Easy Operation

Soliton SecureDesktop Compared to Other Solutions

There are many remote access solutions available for businesses to choose from and each have their pros and cons. Many businesses have opted for a VPN, VDI, or remote desktop solutions. VPN solutions give a false sense of security, disconnection headaches, potential data leakage, and difficult to scale. There are also potential data leakages since all files are accessible and downloadable to the local device. A large number of simultaneous users can cause a bottleneck and slow down remote access for everyone. VDI solutions provide secure virtual desktop access for businesses. However, VDI deployments are costly and time consuming to plan and implement. Remote desktop solutions are also widely implemented due to the low cost and ease of implementation. However, data leakage is a concern since all files are accessible and downloadable from the client device. Additionally, if the username/password for accessing is leaked, the office device becomes a security breach risk. This is where Soliton's SecureDesktop solution comes in - remote desktop access at a low cost without compromising security.

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Conventional Solutions vs Soliton SecureDesktop

Soliton SecureDesktop Use Case

Photo / Video Editing (Design firm)

Photo / Video Editing
(Design firm)

Corporate Database users (Bank)

Corporate Database users

Soliton SecureDesktop for CAD users (Automotive company)

Soliton SecureDesktop for CAD users
(Automotive company)