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Stay productive when working from home or anywhere outside the office with Soliton's SecureDesktop solution! SecureDesktop gives you access to your office desktop from anywhere at anytime while ensuring robust security and preventing data leaks. Only an internet connection is required to remotely access to your office computer as if it's right in front of you.

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Key Features of SecureDesktop

  1. Data leak prevention - No data remains on the local client device after disconnecting.
  2. Added security via digital certificate authentication for remote access devices and office PCs.
  3. Instant scalability from small organizations to large enterprises via Soliton’s cloud.
  4. Simple implementation - No changes needed to your current IT infrastructure.
  5. High speed screen transfer built into the application using an advanced streaming protocol. This product is the result of collaboration between Soliton Systems K.K. and Splashtop Inc. California, since 2014.
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Soliton SecureDesktop Details

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