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Smart-telecaster Zao-S Smart-telecaster Zao-S Smart-telecaster Zao-S Smart-telecaster Zao-S

Introducing the Ultra Low Latency Mobile Transmitter - Zao-SH

The Zao-SH is a small, portable video H.265 encoder that compresses video in real-time and transmits full HD live video to anywhere from anywhere, with an extremely low glass-to-glass latency of 65ms over 4G and 35ms over LAN. The ultra-low latency live video transmission technology of the Zao-SH can be utilized in many industries, such as news gathering, public safety, law enforcement and military applications. The Zao-SH enables an encrypted live stream from a camera, drone, vehicle, body camera, etc. to be transmitted at the lowest latency possible.

Optimized for Ultra Low Latency Applications

In addition to transmitting encrypted live video, the Zao-SH supports serial tunneling which allows a return data feed to be sent from the receiving end to the Zao-SH. This allows remote control of devices, such as a drone gimbal or PTZ camera.
The Zao-SH bonds multiple 4G SIM cards and/or LAN connections into one connection to reliably transmit video.
The Linux based receiver software decodes the video transmission and outputs it with almost no latency (as low as 35ms).

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The New and Improved Zao-SH

Zao-SH Specifications and Key Features

Optimized video quality adjusted for available bandwidth

  • RASCOW2 - New and improved uplink protocol based on RASCOW
  • Multilink and low latency
  • Fault tolerance mode - Bandwidth required, but ultra low latency
  • Load balancing mode – Less bandwidth required, slightly higher latency
  • SDI Video output from BMD Board

Ultra-low latency

  • As low as 35ms glass to glass latency
  • Encrypted live streaming over multiple bonded 4g SIM cards and /or LAN port

Serial control

  • Supports serial tunneling
  • Potential for remote control use cases:
    • PTZ Camera
    • Drone Gimbal
    • Remote Driving (Actuator for connected car)

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Glass to Glass Latency <= 35ms

Smart-telecaster Zao-SH Videos

Introducing the Ultra Low Latency Mobile Transmitter - Zao-SH

Download Smart-telecaster Zao-SH Brochure

Download Zao-SH Brochure