Smart-telecaster Zao
Smart-telecaster Zao
Smart-telecaster Zao Smart-telecaster Zao Smart-telecaster Zao Smart-telecaster Zao Smart-telecaster Zao

Mobile, High Quality, and Live Video Transmission Technology

The Smart-telecaster Zao was the first mobile H.265 hardware encoder in the world and enables full HD video transmission to anywhere from any remote location while on the move. High quality coverage of live events, such as news gathering and sports, is simplified by just attaching the Zao to a camera. The Zao is made in Japan and features the high quality craftsmanship that Japanese products are known for. User-friendly controls, excellent quality video, dependable, low latency.

RASCOW - Optimized Multi-Network Bonding Technology

RASCOW (Real-time Auto-Speed Control based on Waterway model) is Soliton's proprietary bonding technology and monitors the various factors that affect video quality during transmission, such as the carriers being used, cell tower locations, and varying bandwidth levels. The Zao allows a total of 6 external USB modems to create a single bonded connection utilizing 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and/or satellite. The Zao equipped with RASCOW continues to reliably send stable and high quality video even when signal strengths become low or fluctuate rapidly.

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RASCOW Technology for Optimized Mobile Communications

Lightweight. Small. Long Battery Life.

The Zao is highly portable and only weighs 900 grams. It can easily be carried around in a small backpack or be mounted onto a camera. HD-SDI and HDMI are supported for connecting the Zao to a camera.
The maximum power consumption of the Zao is 28Wh. The Zao can operate for approximately four hours using a 100Wh battery. Two standard external VLock batteries are supported for up to 8 hours of use.

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Lightweight and Small with Long Battery Life

Smart-telecaster Zao Use Case

Smart-telecaster Zao

The World's First H.265 Hardware Encoder Smart-telecaster Zao

Mobile Surveillance with Zao VMS Plus

Smart-telecaster Zao-S for Public Safety

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