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Soliton SecureDesktop:
Secure remote access

  • Digital certificates to authenticate users
  • Data leakage prevention
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Unlimited scalability for organizations of any size
  • Secure for personal devices (BYOD)
  • Seamless connection
  • VPN alternative solution

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Soliton SecureDesktop: Secure remote access

Fast, secure, remote access

SecureDesktop is a remote desktop solution that creates a reliable and secure environment to remotely access an office computer easily from anywhere with no VPN required. SecureDesktop features multilayer security, fast screen transfer, scalability, and data leakage prevention, as no data is left on the remote access device. This is also the first remote access software to provide host and client digital certificates, which allows for fast, secure remote access.

  • More secure than the RDP-protocol
  • TLS 1.2 and 256-bit AES encryption
  • Easier, faster, and more secure than VPN
  • Soliton is Japan’s #1 IT security provider.
  • Soliton is trusted by Japan’s leading businesses and manufacturers.


Time Saver

  • Quick installation
  • Remote access in 3 seconds or less

Easy to Use

  • Fast connections and HD image quality
  • Seamless, efficient remote access for CAD and other users accessing heavy files

Data Leakage Protection

  • No file upload/download between connected devices
  • Only the screen is transferred - no data is transferred during a session
  • Protect valuable company data and intellectual property

Secure Connection

  • Digital certificates authenticate the users and devices at each end
  • Eliminates open ports and inbound access to company data since no VPN or RDP is required

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Case Study

Even the largest companies may need to optimize their solutions

The world’s largest automotive manufacturer is a Soliton SecureDesktop customer. Earlier this year, management teams were faced with the decision to have all employees work from home, which meant that over 12,000 additional users required the ability to remotely access the company’s systems and internal resources.

Upscaling existing remote access solutions was not a viable option, and significant infrastructure changes were necessary in order to add more users and establish remote access for over 12,000 employees. Establishing such a system in such a short amount of time was not possible, as the transition to remote work needed to take place immediately. Additionally, a VPN was not an option. Aside from the associated risks of using VPNs, the company needed a solution to cater to approximately 6000 AutoCAD users; high library call volumes and large data downloads meant these users would put too much burden on the VPN, making it unacceptably slow.

Today, the car manufacturer’s employees are able to work from home remotely with simplified operations that enable a quick and secure connection to access internal resources. By connecting both the remote device and the internal device to an outbound Secure-Desktop service, users are able to remotely access company resources. Users and devices are authenticated, and digital certificates provide an additional layer of security.

Remote Work by using Soliton SecureDesktop

Soliton SecureDesktop is the right solution for many customers with its fast remote access and extensive security features. Digital certificates used for user/device authentication are managed and distributed by Soliton. The service can be set up by users with no changes to the infrastructure or firewall.

  • No need to purchase and install laptops
  • Users could set up SecureDesktop by themselves
  • Only takes a few days to prepare for all employees
  • Access to Soliton’s support team
  • Employees can work from home as if their work desktop is in front of them

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Soliton SecureDesktop Security

Secure Remote Work From Anywhere

SecureDesktop features enhanced security:

  • Digital certificates serve as a two-factor authentication and eliminates unauthorized access to company PCs
  • Soliton KeyManager app simplifies installing certificates
  • Digital certificates for SecureDesktop cannot be copied to other devices and follow a secure installation process:
    • A public and private key pair is created in the device when requesting registration.
    • Only the public key requests a signature to the Certificate Authority (CA).
    • The private key is never removed from the device.
  • TLS 1.2 and 256-bit AES encryption for all connections
  • Employees can utilize their own device and administrators can easily manage which devices are authorized
  • Even if you lose your device, the certificate can be removed from the lost device to stop further access to the office PC
Secure Remote Work From Anywhere

Sign up today – 30 days free access

During these uncertain times, we want to help your organization get back to business with confidence.

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During these uncertain times, we want to help your organization get back to business with confidence.

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