Use Case #4 – Search and Rescue

05.08.2021 | Success Stories

Search and Rescue

Highlighted Soliton products and solutions

  • HEVC Encoder Transmitter (Zao-S) 
  • Cloud receiver (Cloud View) 

The Challenge 

This fire department had just purchased new drones for search and rescue missions, but soon realized that they had a problem.  While drones were a great addition to their mission critical operations, network connectivity was becoming the Achilles heel where network dead spots would prevent real time video streaming.  During search and rescue operations, any disconnection would mean seconds or minutes lost in reconnecting to the network, and when it comes to search and rescue missions, every second counts.  

The Solution 

The project manager tasked with seeking for new solutions reached out to the Soliton team, where a meeting was quickly organized to show how Soliton’s multi-link cellular bonding technology would be a viable solution to ensure the best network connectivity in extremely challenging network areas.  

In addition, the Soliton team introduced a Cloud based video receiver solution (Cloud View) where the fire command center could not only view multiple real time video steams simultaneously, but also establish 2 way audio communication with the fire fighters on the ground. 

Another Cloud View feature is GPS data, which provides real time location data to the command center.  

Soliton’s Zao-S HEVC encoder attached to three external USB modems, was connected to the drone controller pad.  Each fire fighter was also equipped with a Zao-S HEVC encoder, connected to their body worn camera, streaming real time video to the command center.  

In the command center, a cloud based receiver was quickly set up by connecting to the Cloud View application.  Cloud View is a browser based application where a simple log-in enables the viewing of simultaneous live video streams.  Officers can view the exact location of each video stream thanks to Soliton’s GPS feature, and can also communicate with each video stream through the 2 way audio feature.  

Soliton’s end-to-end encryption authenticates each video stream, keeping each and every video stream secure and private, a critical feature for public safety applications.  

Each video is recorded and archived for later viewing, with GPS data intact.  

A field testing of a search and rescue mission can be viewed here


The major advantage of deploying Soliton’s Zao-S encoder and Cloud View receiver was eliminating disconnections during critical search and rescue missions.  This translated into increasing the chances of saving lives, where each second counts.  Now drones can fly into challenging network areas, streaming real time video into the command center without any time loss that occurs when drones are disconnected from the network.  

Another benefit was Cloud View, where the command center can not only view, but also communicate with officers on foot, knowing their exact GPS location.  

Soliton’s end-to-end encrypted proved to be an extra benefit, where safeguarding data is a critical requirement for public safety.