Use Case #5 – PTZ Remote Control 

05.08.2021 | Success Stories

Zao-S Serial Control

Highlighted Soliton products and solutions 

  • HEVC Encoder Transmitter (Zao-S) 

The Challenge 

A drone service provider has been searching for ways to remotely control PTZ camera equipped on drones.  There are encoder solutions that can remotely control PTZ cameras, but in closed network environments.  The possibility of remotely controlling PTZ cameras on drones would open up new possibilities and applications such as using drones for precision inspection, delivery and many other use cases.  

The Solution 

The drone service provider was put in touch with Soliton Systems, a Japanese video communication technology company specializing in HEVC low latency real time video for drones.  Soliton’s U.S. office quickly responded and a meeting was set up to demonstrate the PTZ remote control feature.  

Soliton’s Zao-S HEVC encoder device has a built-in native serial tunning native serial control feature.  Just connect a joystick controller pad, and users can remotely control PTZ cameras from hundreds of miles away.  

Soliton provides two features that are very unique.  The PTZ cameras can be mobile, and the encoder can be mobile as sell.  These features sets apart with other encoder solutions, where both the encoder and the PTZ camera are static and in closed networks.  


Soliton’s serial control feature to remote control PTZ cameras on drones opened up new business possibilities for the drone operator.  This feature enables new services, such as providing precision drone services to inspect hard to reach areas like solar panels, construction sites and many other use cases.  

This drone service provider is now looking to offer new drone delivery services, where remote monitoring will be a key element to ensure the safety of the drone.