Soliton SecureDesktop for CAD users (Automotive company)


During COVID-19, CAD users needed to access and operate their CAD files from their homes

VPN is a good solution, but company management was concerned about data leakage

They would like to prevent the download of sensitive information to remote locations

Remote Access software was adopted for all remote CAD users for the following reasons

1.Remote users do not need high spec workstations at their homes.  They can access heavy CAD files from any Mac, iOS, Windows, Android based OS devices

2.Remote users can access CAD files (on high spec Mac workstations) from their low end Windows machines

3.Data leakage prevention.  No data remains on remote access devices

4.No VDI-like implementation cost.  Simple user license fee

CAD users can now access their CAD files from their home laptops, iPads, etc.

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